About the Artist

Saxophonist, composer, and konnakol artist Arun Luthra is an American musician of Indian heritage who fuses modern post-bop Black American Music with elements of Indian classical music – especially konnakol (South Indian classical music vocal percussion). He connects a wide range of modern and classic musical influences to create a vibrant new sound and style.


  • Stream the concert featuring the Jazz Composers Group and the Contemporary Jazz Ensemble (directed by Arun Luthra) on YouTube now!
  • Watch Arun Luthra’s Konnakol Project featuring Mead Witter School of Music faculty perform during the Annual Conference on South Asia on October 22.
  • Watch the promo video for “The Universal Language of Rhythm: Explorations Through Konnakol and Black American Music” course.

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“The Universal Language of Rhythm” (Music 497, Sec 096) is a 3-credit course introducing konnakol – the Carnatic (South Indian classical music ) discipline of vocalizing rhythms. Students will explore the universality of rhythm through science, history, politics, and more. Blending konnakol with other musical traditions, particularly Black American Music, will also be examined. Students will present creative works that incorporate konnakol concepts into projects ranging from music to poetry, prose, dance, and beyond.

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Upcoming Events

Dec 02

Arun Luthra’s Konnakol Jazz Project

December 2 @ 9:00 pm CST


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